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The Power of One

My quick win today came from listening to the TBC audio file. Today was about the power of one. It takes one person, one action, one discussion, one blog post, one social media post, one scientific breakthrough to change the world. Don’t spend your day chasing success. Spend your day being the one person thatContinue reading “The Power of One”


Win Versus Learn

Today’s audio file fits right into this John Maxwell quote – which is a favorite of mine. “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.” This is spot on and whether your are in corporate America, have your own business, are an entrepreneur. It can even apply to situations with your family and friends. We can’t beContinue reading “Win Versus Learn”

Be Messy

OMG! I am so sorry, I missed yesterday. No worries though, I’m jumping right back in and I’ll post a few times in the next day. I didn’t miss yesterday on purpose – life happened – and that happens to fit this audio file I listened to from the TBC! Why? The audio file wasContinue reading “Be Messy”


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