It’s Not About Me!

Clint Eastwood has a famous saying: “It’s not about you. It’s about them”. The last two days I have been at a conference for my wellness business and I can truly say those around me all believe wholeheartedly in this statement. Everyone I met asked how things are going, what challenges I was having, whatContinue reading “It’s Not About Me!”

The Elephant

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I talk to people about my wellness business and the products I distribute. I also talk about the opportunities to join and create their own business. At this point I get the inevitable questions: “Is this a multi level marketing pyramid scheme?”. The answer is NO! Yes,Continue reading “The Elephant”

The Law of the Mirror

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell was highlighted in the audio file I listened to today from the TBC. The focus was on the Law of the Mirror and I love it! This resonates strongly with me, because not only am I an independent distributor for my wellness business I am alsoContinue reading “The Law of the Mirror”


When researching today’s TBC audio file “Freedom is the other side of Fear” I found this great graphic. Which circle do you want to live in? Which one will help you grow personally and professionally? Staying in our comfort zone, definitely not, you cannot achieve what you do not strive for. The biggest successes areContinue reading “FEAR”


Influence: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. Who do you allow to influence you? Are you looking to people with experience, knowledge, a history of excellent performance in the area or position you are trying to obtain. The people we surroundContinue reading “Influence”

Not Everyone Will Support You!

“I am thankful to all those who said no. Because of them I did it myself” ~ Albert Einstein. I love this quote and it holds true. When someone tells you they don’t think it is a good idea you can either believe it and stop where you are or you can become more determinedContinue reading “Not Everyone Will Support You!”

Giving Up Likes to Get Loves

Today’s audio file from The TBC was focused on giving up likes to get loves. It comes down to prioritizing what we would really LOVE to have in our life over the things that we like. I like to watch shows on Food Network because I enjoy cooking and find inspirational ideas. I LOVE theContinue reading “Giving Up Likes to Get Loves”

Don’t Get Attached to the End Results

The TBC’s topic today was “Not being attached to the end results”. I found this quote by Adelina Pandia that seems to fit this topic well. “Don’t get attached to the results you think you should have.” What is meant by this? Get attached to your process, the steps you need to take and yourContinue reading “Don’t Get Attached to the End Results”