You Attract What You Are Looking For

Today’s TBC Audio File described how you attract what you are looking for. The message reflects the fact that you will attract what you are looking for, but by having a specific target you may miss other opportunities. Our mind tends to focus on what we tell it we need. If we have several needs, but one is easier to obtain, we may always obtain the easier thing because that is where we focus.

I thought the sample was great. Let’s try it. Look around the room you are sitting in and take note of as many brown items as you can find. Close your eyes, now tell me what and how many red items you saw. You probably won’t remember any because that wasn’t what you were looking for. I see this during the hiring process. If you have a preset idea of what skills and experience the perfect person will have you may overlook a person who can do the position with great success because they didn’t check you preset boxes. The can also happen during a strategic planning session. If you are looking to change a process, but are mentally convinced certain processes cannot be changed or that an idea brought forth isn’t even worth talking about you have defeated a significant piece of the process before you have a chance to openly explore the full change potential.

Has this happened to you? I was once interviewed for a job, I was qualified, but the other candidate had a specific title in their resume that members of the interview team felt made them a better fit. I didn’t get the position that day. Several weeks later a different person in that same position left and I was offered that position. The person with the “perfect title” lasted less than a year, I stayed for over ten and drove many new processes and projects. It wasn’t because of my title, it was because of my desire for the role, to succeed in the role and to drive the organization forward.

Remember – you will get exactly what you are looking for – so maybe cast a wider net!


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