Go For No

Today my TBC audio lesson was on the book by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz entitled Got for No! Yes is the destination No is how we get there. When we go to speak to someone about what we want or need, or in my case as you build your wellness team, in order to keep interactions positive you need tp trick your brain! How can getting a no be a positive thing? Well, we all realize we aren’t going to get the YES we want every time right?

If we are so focused on getting the yes we will become discouraged and not keep moving boldly toward that YES! I love this quote by Richard Fenton “The reason that one person rejects you will be the exact same reason someone else is drawn to you”. This is so true, the reason someone declines a job opportunity, to buy a product from you, or says no to an idea may simply be they are not drawn to the offer at that time.

Making that exact same offer under different circumstances you may get a YES! That next person or business you speak with may be in a different place or want to expand at the time your engage with them!

Stay positive, stay consistent and Go for the NO!


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