Developing our Character Muscles

In business and in life you will face obstacles and challenges. What will determine your response is how you react to them. You can either look at every challenge as overwhelming and insurmountable or you can look at it as the opportunity to try a new angle, style, or learn something new to help propel you forward. Yes, it is ok to be frustrated and need to take a break to reset. The character muscles are built when you dive back in at full force to overcome!

We are surrounded by obstacles every day. It started at a young age. With the spirit and determination we find in children we would just continue trying until we obtained our goal! So many times in life I have had to remind myself and others to explore life through the eyes of the child you used to be. It brings new perspectives, creativity, and that instinctual drive to succeed.

I have been told no so many times! It’s ok, what I do, what drives me and the paths I choose for my family and I aren’t for everyone. For those that I connect with that are on a different journey I love to see where they go, what I can learn from them and continue to stay connected. There are those that’s path is so far different we don’t end up staying connected. Then there are those that what to know more about me and my life. That are looking and exploring that want to be part of my community. Those are the few that I hear YES from and grow with.

Don’t look at obstacles, challenges and no’s as negative. Look at them as the opportunity to grow your character muscles!!

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