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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I talk to people about my wellness business and the products I distribute. I also talk about the opportunities to join and create their own business. At this point I get the inevitable questions: “Is this a multi level marketing pyramid scheme?”. The answer is NO!

Yes, as are an MLM, but no this is not a scheme. How do I know this? Well, pyramid schemes are illegal and my wellness company is traded on the NASDAQ. My wellness products have proven clinical results after independent research by colleges, universities, and scientists. Yes, really – check it out Our products are patented and the products are so important they can trace each individual component back to the actual source! I know exactly what I can earn and how to earn it. If I enroll someone and they put in more effort and build a larger team they can move ahead of me. So in short, no, this isn’t a pyramid scheme.

Is joining a network marketing based wellness company different than trading time for money (a traditional job) yes. What are the benefits of network marketing:

  1. You can work from anywhere
  2. The cost to get started is very low
  3. My company doesn’t require you stock products, so the overhead is your computer, cell phone, or money to buy a cup of coffee/lunch to educate someone else on the wellness benefits
  4. The products are proven
  5. The system is proven
  6. Tax benefits of a home based business
  7. No commuting required
  8. Grow at your own pace
  9. Support is built into the community
  10. No employees

The list goes on an on! So, am I in networking marketing? Yes! Do I think it is a scheme, no. Is it for everyone, probably not. For those that have that entrepreneurial spirit the sky’s the limit. Bonus for me, the company is international so I can connect, collaborate, and help people all over the world. They also have a Legacy Foundation to give back to those in need – Love it! If you are interested in discussing this further secure a slot on my calendar by going to:


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