Fall in Love with Rejection

I listened to my “Mentoring Series” auto file today and one of my mentors said we need to flip the script and “Fall in Love with Rejection”.

I contemplated the words for a minute and then I remembered a quote from John Maxwell “Successful People Reject Rejection”.

What do these two amazing people know that I need to learn and make a personal policy regarding rejection? My curiosity made me want to explore a little more.

I came across an article by Omar Torres and he gave 4 strategies for overcoming rejection:

1) Remind yourself the rejection isn’t about you
2) Find authentic means of validation
3) Rally the Troops
4) All it takes is once

Learning to Love Rejection and Reject Rejecting is actually the perfect mindset. Whether you are offering a product, looking for a job, presenting a special offer, they person you are speaking with may not be in a place where they see the same value as you. It’s not about you!

Reflect on your successes and strengths and/or reach out and discuss the rejection with a mentor. Learn from the rejection and the go right back out and try again.

When you have a mindset of rejection and allow your mood to become negative you are negatively impacting yourself and hindering your goals. Instead realize that this wasn’t the right connection or the process wasn’t perfect. Connect with someone else, change the process and try again. The moment you get that YES you will forget about the no’s.

Let’s all “Fall in love with rejection”

Tania AKA The Positivity Activator


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