Positivity Activator has been Activated πŸ˜‰

I have been on a journey to expand my connections, interact with others, share messages of positivity and remind everyone you can achieve your dreams! This has lead me to create my brand POSITIVITYACTIVATOR! Website: http://www.positivityactivator.com

This website allows me to expand my network and invites you to connect with me. I believe this site will allow me to build a tribe and collaborate with others to grow a world full of positivity activators.


1) Your LifeVantage – I am a consultant for a health and wellness company that provides products to activate your cells. This is NOT supplements, it’s proven cellular activation. I am looking for entrepreneurs who want to go on the adventure of their lifetime and build their own business, grow residual income and meet amazing people!

2) Speaker and Coach – I love to motivate, encourage, and challenge people to reach their highest level of success. Customized leadership training is available to meet the needs of groups from 2 to 1000’s. From lunch and learns, to keynote addresses if you want a motivated, energetic speaker please contact me!

3) Wellness Wheel Consultant –

With rotating priorities balancing the Wellness Wheel to meet your specific needs can be challenging. I’m here to help you decide which areas need your focus currently! 

Wellness Wheel Sections to Explore: Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Environmental, and Financial.

I’m so proud to introduce my site and use this post to commit to being your @positivityactivator !


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Maxwell Leadership Team Certified! I have a passion for helping others reach their goals by sharing leadership tips, trainings, coaching, and really Putting Your Dream to the Test!

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